Serviced apartments offer a unique blend of comfort and convenience for travellers, providing a home away from home experience. One of the many advantages of staying in serviced apartments is their proximity to cultural hubs like museums and galleries. For those residing in ST Residences’ serviced apartments at locations such as Balestier, Novena, Beach Road, and Sophia Hills near Dhoby Ghaut, the vibrant arts scene of Singapore is within easy reach.

Let’s embark on a journey to explore the enriching cultural offerings that lie just a stone’s throw away!

Balestier: where tradition meets art

Nestled in the heart of Balestier, ST Residences’ service apartments offer a gateway to Singapore’s rich cultural tapestry. Just a short distance away lies the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, a museum dedicated to Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the founding father of the Republic of China. Visitors can delve into the revolutionary history of Dr. Sun and his connection to Singapore through immersive exhibits and guided tours.

For art enthusiasts, a 15-minute drive to the Art Porters Gallery promises a captivating experience. Showcasing contemporary artworks by both local and international artists, this gallery serves as a platform for creative expression and cultural dialogue. From vibrant paintings to thought-provoking installations, Art Porters Gallery offers a diverse array of artistic expressions that will leave visitors inspired. If you’re staying at our service apartment in Balestier, be sure to visit these unique galleries!

Novena: where modernity meets heritage

If you’re staying in a Novena studio for rent, the location provides a tranquil retreat amidst the urban landscape. Just a short drive away, the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) beckons art aficionados with its innovative approach to print and papermaking. Home to a dynamic roster of local and international artists, STPI offers workshops, exhibitions, and residencies that celebrate the intersection of tradition and innovation in contemporary art, making your Novena stay a lot more fun!

Beach Road: where creativity flourishes

Situated near the vibrant enclave of Beach Road, ST Residences’ service apartments provide a gateway to Singapore’s thriving arts district. A 10-minute drive away, the iconic National Gallery Singapore awaits, housed within the historic buildings of the former Supreme Court and City Hall. Boasting an extensive collection of Southeast Asian art, the gallery offers a comprehensive overview of the region’s artistic heritage.

For a more immersive experience, the nearby Aliwal Arts Centre serves as a hub for contemporary arts and culture. From experimental performances to interactive exhibitions, this vibrant space showcases the diversity of Singapore’s creative scene. Visitors can engage with local artists, attend workshops, or simply soak in the dynamic atmosphere that permeates every corner of the centre.

Sophia Hills: where history meets innovation

Perched near the cultural nexus of Dhoby Ghaut, ST Residences’ service apartments in Singapore provide a gateway to the island’s artistic and historical treasures. For those staying at Sophia Hills, the Singapore Art Museum provides a plethora of contemporary art that pushes boundaries and challenges conventions. With its ever-evolving exhibitions and immersive installations, the museum offers a glimpse into the dynamic landscape of Southeast Asian art.

For a deeper dive into Singapore’s heritage, the nearby National Museum of Singapore offers a comprehensive exploration of the island’s history and culture. From interactive exhibits to multimedia installations, the museum brings the past to life in engaging and enlightening ways. Visitors can trace the evolution of Singapore from its humble beginnings to the cosmopolitan metropolis it is today, gaining insights into the diverse communities that have shaped its identity.


As you immerse yourself in the vibrant arts scene of Singapore, ST Residences invites you to make the most of your stay with our premium service apartments. Whether you’re exploring the cultural landmarks of Balestier, Novena, Beach Road, or Sophia Hills, our accommodations provide the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and style. Book your stay with ST Residences today and unlock the treasures of Singapore’s arts and culture scene. Your enriching adventure awaits.