Are you planning a family vacation in Singapore? Whether you are a local family looking for the ideal staycation or a foreign family coming to Singapore for a holiday, the location of your stay is among the, if not the most vital factor. When looking for accommodation, you might be considering staying at a nice hotel because of their offered security.

However, when choosing a hotel, there are several limiting factors, such as space and entertainment options. What you need for the ideal family holiday is a place that offers the comfort of home while maximising your experience. That place is a serviced apartment. Here are four key reasons why serviced apartment rental should be your primary consideration for your next family holiday:

1. Adequate space for relaxation

Do you want a home-like environment? Serviced apartments come in a variety of options, from studio serviced apartments to two- and three-bedder apartments. You can pick the best-fitted apartment for your family holiday with adequate space for everybody.

Unlike hotels which are typically just a single room space, you will not have to squeeze together in a serviced apartment. Additionally, when you stay at a serviced apartment, your family has access to fully furnished spaces, such as a living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Everybody will have enough space for themselves to relax genuinely.

2. Fully-furnished kitchen

Half the struggle of family holidays is ensuring that everybody is well-fed, which is one of the limiting factors of staying at a hotel. Unless your hotel stay includes meals, you have to think of what you want to eat for at least two meals a day throughout your stay. Even if meals are included, chances are you might be sick of the food by the end of your visit.

Having a fully-equipped kitchen provides you with the opportunity to shop for ingredients and cook your meals. Not only do you save money from eating out, but you can also ensure that your family enjoys quality healthy home cooking. The kitchen is not the only place you can cook at. Our serviced apartments come with BBQ facilities too!

3. Hotel perks

Most serviced apartments offer the same luxurious and comfortable environment as a hotel does, from facilities, such as swimming pools and gyms, to services, such as housekeeping and security. Staying in a serviced apartment does not mean losing out on luxury. In fact, serviced apartments are value-for-money options in that you pay less for a similar homely environment.

Furthermore, our serviced apartments are always conveniently located near public transport and various amenities, such as shopping malls and eateries. You do not have to travel far to enjoy yourself optimally!


Now that you know the perks of staying at a serviced apartment, you can now close that hotel search tab on your browser.

The minimum length of stay at ST Residences Novena is a mere 6 nights, whereas other serviced apartments have a minimum stay of 3 months. So whether you are looking for a short vacation, or planning to experience Singapore for an extended period of time, there is a suitable serviced apartment at ST Residences for everyone. Head over to now to discover our wide range of affordable serviced apartments today!